If you are a current undergraduate or recent graduate and are interested in a career in teaching โ€“ this is the perfect programme for you.

Our short-term teaching programmes give an opportunity to travel and work in Beijing and Shanghai. Live and work in an amazing city and experience a new culture. This is a perfect programme for those who are interested in a teaching career in the future and those who wish to explore Chinese culture at the same time.




+ 1 semester teaching at a local school
  • (June - August)

teacher placement

High School
  • 3-6 Month Contract


+ Summer* Camp Placement
  • (June - August)

*Summer Camp is a 15-21 day programme: Teach Enlgish for half the day, activities for half the day

the full package includes:

Airport Pick-Upโ€‹

1-3 Month Homestay

Live withaย  Chinese family during your programme

Teach English at a school in your chosen city (optional)

Volunteer, cultural& travel activities are organised for you

Mandarin language programme (optional)

Panoramic view of Shanghai skyline and cityscape
James small group

teach at our schools

These proud, all-ability community school aims to develop their students to reach their full potential, helping them to mature into successful, caring, resilient and respectful young people.

Staff are well supported and encouraged to deliver a challenging learning environment.


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beijing homestay

stay with a chinese family

As part of this programme we give you the option of living with a Beijing family (Bฤ›i jฤซng rรฉn / ๅŒ—ไบฌไบบ). We select and work with our families very closely, making sure you get the most out of your stay so that you can experience proper Chinese immersion. This is a perfect option for those wishing to experience authentic Beijing life. It’s also a sure fire way to develop your Mandarin language skills (pลญtลnghuร  / ๆ™ฎ้€š่ฏ).


  • Fluent English Speaker
  • Interest in Chinese culture and teaching English
  • Teach 15 hours per week during Homestay
  • Teach 25-30 hours per week if you choose to teach at school
  • Independent