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Teaching English at our partner schools will ensure you live abroad with:

  • Great Salary
  • Competitive Benefits
  • The chance to share an amazing career with people from all over the world

You will have the opportunity to develop a career as a teacher or develop personally in other areas

our partner schools

We are partnered with fantastic schools in China (Beijing & Shanghai) and Qatar (Doha). These really are two exciting locations to live and work.

Take the opportunity to travel and explore the deserts of the MiddleΒ  East, the Forbidden City in Beijing or the Huang Pu River in Shanghai. If you can’t decide and would like to experience them all – we have an exchange programme where we arrange for you to work in all three cities

The schools we are partnered with are very professional and highly respected language schools in their cities. This position offers a fantastic opportunity to live, work and earn in one of the most dynamic and exciting cities in the world. This truly is a life changing opportunity

Marissa solo
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  • You will provide quality education with a confident and friendly approach.
  • You will deliver engaging lessons, providing students with the feedback they need to improve.
  • The post is suitable for all levels of teaching experience as training is provided.
  • Teachers do not need to write their own lesson plans as a curriculum is supplied, as well as teaching materials.



  • Applicants must be citizens from the following countries to meet visa regulations:

– The United States

– United Kingdom

– Canada

– Ireland

– Australia

– New Zealand

– South Africa

  • Bachelors Degree
  • A TEFL Certification
  • The ability to live abroad for at least one year
  • The ability to obtain a clear background check

included with the position

  • Attractive salary up to Β£28,000 for roles in China, and beyong for Qatar
  • Airfare Subsidy
    Airport Pick-Up 24
  • 12-Month contract (open to extension upon conclusion)
  • Constant support and communication throughout your stay
  • Paid holiday, as well as all Chinese public holidays
  • Working Visa Provided
  • Full Insurance Included
  • End of Contract Bonus


make a


You’ll improve students’ English language ability with provided lessons and your own creative input


your new


Have fun in a work environment that crosses cultural boundaries, breaks language barriers and encourages social activity in and out of the classroom

accommodation options

High quality, centrally located, modern accommodation. You will be provided with your own private apartment, within very close proximity to your school. Your apartment will be located within a gated community, so safety and privacy are guaranteed.

  • Privacy
  • Safe & Secured
  • Modern & Centrally Located