Our consulting services

With our partners in China, we at Noble House Asia offer a business consulting service for businesses looking to develop their business profile in Asia Pacific. With years of experience, developed in many different sectors, we have the contacts and experience to give expert advice in this area.

In business the only way to really learn is through genuine experience and we have the team which has this. Our team specialise in a varied range of sectors including Business Development, Market Entry Strategy, Outbound Investment, Private Equity and Investment and Executive Search and Training.

China is developing its economy in many different areas, not only focusing solely on manufacturing as it has, and is generally known for. With their rapid economic growth over the past 30 years there is a middle class in China today which is larger than the population of the USA combined. With this immense modern day middle class, wages have risen drastically, education is of a high standard and wide spread, and life styles have changed immeasurably.

With this demographic shift the economy has needed to grow past its manufacturing foundations to feed the appetite of this new era, and to keep the economy in an ever growing state. Consequently, new industries have been and are being developed and are evolving at a fantastic rate. Industries such as high technology, green technology, education, real estate, automobiles, energy and the services sector are all being developed and invested in at a colossal rate. Major opportunities are there in many differing sectors. We can help pin point these and work with businesses looking to take advantage.

Executive Search and Training

Noble House Asia offer a consulting service which is different from any other equivalent in the market today. Our method is to focus on two main stages:


The prepare stage is, as it says, there to prepare those in your company readying themselves to travel to China for business. We send consultants to your office to begin the consultation. We give seminars and work shops on Chinese business etiquette, crash Chinese language courses and social education. It might seem all very elimentary to those unaquanted with China and the Chinese, but much business is lost due to the simple fact of western ignorance to Chinese sensibilities, and this essential knowledge base is detailed and varied in its entirity. Our experience has convinced us that not only do you need this knowledge and experience, companies need to hear and to learn from those who have experienced this from a western mindset and point of view. It is very important to have these seminars and work shops from a western perspective, to help make it as clear and inteligable as possible. In our experience it saves a lot of time, as we know the common mistakes made and why it is important not to make them. This way it is possible to get straight to the core of any problems and resolve any issues.


In the execute stage, we help your employees put what they have learnt at the prepare seminars and workshops into practice. In stage 2 our consultants will meet you in China, we will continue directly from the prepare stage. With these foundations in place our consultation will move up a gear. We will meet you and aid you once you arrive to do business in China. The training will be comprised of lectures, business seminars and site visits; we will not only introduce you to the important procedures necessary to doing business in China, but we will also introduce your company and employees to industry leaders and government officials working in the region.

We work alongside leading international and Chinese companies to bring you the most relevant and important industry insights.


Contact us for more details

  • Business and cultural training
  • Help and training at home and in China
  • Market entry advice
  • Access to business contacts throughout many varied business sectors
  • Advice and support from a team with a combined 25 years worth of experience and contacts in China
  • Tailored package designed for each company’s specific needs and requirements


We will provide your business with a full consulting service and help you develop your business. We can supply channels for investment from within Asia and source potential partnerships. We have years of experience and important contacts, both of which are essential and will be invaluable to your business entry into Asia Pacific.

We at Noble House Asia did begin with our knowledge and experience in the China market, and this is the only market we worked with initially. However, over the last couple of years we have been able to extend our network of expertise and influence into other countries in Asia Pacific. If there are other avenues you would like to discuss please get in contact and we can then ascertain if we could help your business.

We have most experience with the executive search and training aspects of business consultation. We have great experience with this side of business and have been very successful. Not only do we provide training for current employees, we also recruit suitable staff for new office set ups. This is a very important aspect of business entry and we have been very successful and have much experience.

It’s crucial to establish political and professional relationships, before even considering extending your business into markets in Asia Pacific. This is a different culture and mindset you are having to deal with and you have to understand and develop such knowledge and build certain relationships. Too many businesses, huge multi-nationals even, have entered into these markets without the necessary preparation and have failed in dramatic fashion. They failed not due to an incorrect business model, but because of a lack of understanding of the culture and a lack of the essential professional and political relationships needed. Names as big as Tesco and Thames Valley Water have had very trying experiences in these markets, due to this precise misunderstanding.

The process will begin with you contacting us through this website. Once we have received your details we will be in touch with you immediately. From there we can discuss what you are looking for and if we are the correct consultation service for your business requirements.